Serene Tranquility


The way to live life is by experiencing life, observing nature, cooperating with it, deriving pleasure from the gift of pure being. We take for granted that which we can hold in our fingers, see with our eyes, hear with our ears, taste with our lips and smell with our noses. If we cannot take the time to learn and feel all we can here in our present being, how can we experience eternity?

We must learn the basis to our existence; destroy nothing, humble nothing, leave unsoiled and untouched all that is beautiful, hold that which lives in all reverence, for life is given by the sovereign of our eternal universe. It is given to be savored, appreciated and respected. If we cannot understand and learn to be who we really are, we will lose touch with our very being.

(Some words taken from the movie ‘The Martian Chronicles” and extended by me)

By calia386

True Spiritual Being…Lessons in Flight


In order for us to be truly spiritual beings once we leave this plane of existence, we must first learn to live physically. It is important that we as limitless beings learn our limitations, for spiritually there are no boundaries, restrictions or limits to the things that we can do. Through our physical lives we learn to have patience, control, understanding, honesty, communication, knowledge and trust. Through these things as well as the many other things we are learning in this physical life,  we are expanding and we are evolving. Through living a physical life, we learn there are rewards as well as sacrifices for the choices that we choose to make.

The greatest test of all is in how well we can handle our limitations and how well we can learn to recognize them and understand them, for without the wisdom to do even these few simple things, we cannot appreciate love, we cannot give love nor can we take love from others.

Take for example, “Trelane” from the original “Star Trek”. He was spiritually a child who had the power to do anything he wanted even within his adult physical body. He had the authority and the ability to do as he wished, but he lacked control. He had no understanding, no true knowledge, and no compassion. He cared nothing for the pain afflicted upon others and saw his abilities as nothing more than a game to use upon others to force them to do as he wished.

Another example would be of “Q” from “Star Trek the Next Generation”. He was an Omnipotent being, supreme and all-powerful, but he lacked the ability to understand even the simplest being-man. There was a time when his abilities were stripped from him and he had become mortal. He couldn’t conceivably comprehend the sense in being mortal. He had no awareness or knowledge of what it was like without his abilities, but he learned to appreciate and to show some compassion even in the sheer moment that he was in a physical body.

“We are limitless spiritual beings existing within these limited physical bodies.”
Wayne S. Pierce

Spiritually, we are bound to miss the comprehension, consideration and perception of our being without first experiencing the many ways in which a physical life can challenge us and make us stronger. We are taught many emotions in a physical lifetime, and these many emotions help shape our being and our true self.
There are so many people who would rather be done with their physical life. They speak of finding heaven or some other unearthly plane, but being right here in this physical body is our greatest gift and our greatest challenge, and if we cannot endure life with its many joys, trials and tribulations, then we have lost life’s true meaning. We have missed life’s lessons that will move us into our eternal being. We would have missed its comprehension, its empathy, its ability to make us stronger. In being in our physical body, we learn to love, we learn to care, we learn to see ourselves for who we really are in the way we react to those things around us and in how we view others.

Many of us in our lives make excuses, we often fail to find happiness or we choose a path that will cause us great harm. Many fail to see the importance of living a temporary physical life and because of this, many are doomed to repeat it lifetime after lifetime. There may be others who have no true direction, they have failed to understand the passage in which they must take and in doing so become lost, many left angry and confused.

Every one of us has the opportunity to open our hearts and our minds to so many possibilities. We are capable of doing so much yet so many do so little in such a short span of time as our physical bodies give us. The time we have right now is fleeting. We have so little time to love and to be loved. We must come to learn so many feelings. We must face every moment and every challenge with open arms and with much wisdom. We must learn to experience the experience, to learn what it feels to practice our emotions, to feel pain and to feel joy, so when we do reach our true spiritual self, we will see who we truly are…each of us…one another…together.







By calia386

Everything is Subjective


There comes a time when you wake up one morning and you realize ‘You Don’t Know Crap” about anything. I recall a while ago I had a dream where I was on a huge green field and it seemed like I was on some ‘Center Plateau’ and I could hear the screaming voices of Hell and the happy voices of Heaven and I yelled out loud asking what it all means and then someone came to me out of some mist and said ‘Everything is Subjective’. Well, what exactly does this mean?


According to the English Dictionary, Subjective means:

*existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the object of thought

 *pertaining to or characteristic of an individual; personal; individual: a subjective evaluation.

 *placing excessive emphasis on one’s own moods, attitudes, opinions, etc.; unduly egocentric.

 *Philosophy . relating to or of the nature of an object as it is known in the mind as distinct from a thing in itself.

 *relating to properties or specific conditions of the mind as distinguished from general or universal experience.


So basically, I would have to think this means that everything is based upon one’s view of how they see the World through their own eyes based upon their own experiences. The more we experience then the bigger the view and the least we experience the less we tend to see. Our Experiences grow through what we are taught from Family, Friends, School and even Strangers that walk into our lives. The younger and/or more Naive we are, the easier it is for others to implant False Positives-their views of the World imprinted upon us as anothers Truth we may live by but not our own truth. In fact, many of us do live with these False-Positives through the experience of having possibly a Drunk Father, Abusive Mother, Strict Religious Upbringing, and being told that certain things are bad only because the person telling them have had these bad experiences themselves. It is truly a difficult thing to come out in life having your own opinion because we learn so much through our Negative Experiences, Pain and Loss that it molds our Thoughts & Decisions in life. The things our Parents and School teach us are in ways they want us to learn and even in History books, our true Ancestry could have been looked at in different perspectives. Take for example a car accident. You may have been right there witnessing this accident along with a dozen other people and they may have all been standing at different angles of the Crime Scene and they in turn come out with a dozen different perspectives, so how can that be? Some will see the accident as it is and report on what they see, others will be reminded of other experiences in their lives and based upon that give another view, and another may have seen something another didn’t like a person crawling away from the crime scene or throwing a murder weapon. All different perspectives of the same exact Crime Scene yet only a few may have given a similar report of the Incident.

I find it rather amazing the things people think they know and then you ask them where they got this info and most likely it won’t be from first-hand experience, it will be from what they heard in News Reports, Television, History Books and Gossip from others. How do we know when we Vote every 4 years for Candidates to run this Country that we are voting for those in our best interests? How many people have ever met the running Candidates or know much of their History other than what we learn and hear from others, especially those wanting them to win the Election. We often hear the good and the bad of a Candidate but how many know these are truths or False-Positives?

Basically, I am just saying it’s all about Our View of this World and how we see things in it and how it shapes us as an individual because in the end it all comes down to you and how happy you want to make your life, and no matter what, it’s all about your attitude in the things you experience. Always remember that any time we have an opinion or thought on something, think about where it may be coming from. When you get upset at your spouse for not doing something, is it because your mother may have yelled at your dad over the same thing? If you are not happy in your job or life, is it because a family member said you would never be any good at anything? We must examine our own thoughts and feelings and understand our moods in a much better light.

Another thought I had about being Subjective is take an Iceberg for instance. You look on in the distance and all you see is a small piece of ice poking out of the water but in reality, the rest of the iceberg is right underneath you and you don’t even realize it until the bottom of your boat smacks into it and causes you to crash. We may never have experienced this before and later in the years when again you find yourself in a boat with an Iceberg up ahead, your experience will kick in, but as in all experiences, sometimes others may know certain things like you warning others of this Iceberg and even though you know you may be right, others may not agree until they learn from this experience as well. So this Subjectivity can be a tricky thing as well because you or others may know something another has yet to learn, but in the end though, it all boils down to what makes the most sense to you, what makes you the most happy based upon all you have learned and experienced up to this point in your life.

Always remember to take all things into account. Another example I had from today is that there was this woman I saw who got angry real easily over not filling out some paperwork and it was easy to see that she seemed like an “Ass’ but later I heard her complaining about losing her job and from this Perspective, I was able to not feel so opinionated over her, because like that Iceberg, we may only see a small piece of the problem and not the deeper problem. There is always a possibility we do see the truth in things, but most often there’s a deeper more unknown cause for ones actions.

One last note is that there are always Variables and Algorithms to ones thoughts. Subjectively, we may feel the need to believe these False-Positives in order to sustain certain relationships, to keep things from being less stressful in our lives. Take for example a child who gets love and respect from his Parent when he brings home all A’s on his report card, he may feel the need to do this in order to retain this love and admiration so he continues to please his parent in this way. An abused Wife may do everything her Husband asks even if it’s wrong just to keep him happy and keep the Environment liveable for her because possibly she grew up believing it was wrong to divorce your husband. So, see, there is definitely more to be Subjective about in our everyday lives so we must analyze our situations and understand our true belief systems in order to become who we truly wish to be.

As I learn more, I will write more about this…

By calia386

What Drives Us?


I look up into the universe, out toward the stars and the vastness of space and bring it back in to look upon this little blue green ball floating within it’s orbit, never ceasing to keep in tune with it’s  course, and deeper still I plunge into the atmosphere, within the clouds and bright blue sky, and ahead I see the lands and oceans and deeper still, I see the buildings, the cars, and the people…oh the people in their hectic everyday lives. Some running to meet the nearest train connection to make it to their boring everyday job, rushing to meet deadlines, dinner dates, and all the other things we find meaning in. I float back up into the clouds and all I can see is the building condensation in the air-almost ready to rain upon their day, and what a day it is, yet I ask myself what is this importance?

What drives this machine we call a human being? Why do many have such an importance to survive at any cost and why do others give their lives so easily to save the lives of others? Questions I strive to one day find an answer to-if only to appease my restless thoughts and feelings. Ah! What is must be like to be Naive and only think of oneself and to think I was once like that myself, but NO! it’s no way to survive. I seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding and the only way to achieve this is to acknowledge and try the best I can to make some sense of it all.

First and foremost, I do believe much of what is going on here on this little Planet is because of our finite life span. Within our bodies that grow and age and eventually die there is this need to take some semblance of control, some action that proves we are truly alive and we make a difference in this little body we are given. We lack the proper guidance and control in which to truly grow and expand our consciousness. We lack even the basic skills to control our inner urges and feelings, and even though we possess counselors and therapists, they are deficient in the ability to truly understand the human experience.

We are born into this life with a certain amount of mental capacity based upon our ancestral genetic line, and this grows with our new experiences and lack of experiences, you see, each of us is truly fragile and we each need different stimuli in which to grow and without this specific stimuli, we may grow in the strangest of ways. Take for example a tree. Without proper sunlight, food and water it may prematurely grow and may even die. I have seen plants grow crooked and twisted just to reach the sunlight it starves for. If we don’t receive the right kind of guidance and love then we may grow in unintentional ways. Within all of this though, is the need to find a place, to have some permanence in this life and to feel alive, so we naturally must take some control over this existence. For many, we do this by creating relationships, friendships, growth of family and work, but for others, this is not enough and they must gain more control and more power over their environment.

I think one of the reasons that things are getting so out of control in our society and why crime is running so rampant is because we are losing this grip and control over our environment. It’s becoming harder to manage relationships, friendships and even harder to grow a family and within the Chaos that is going on within our World and Government, without some semblance of control, we are like weeds just sprouting up everywhere.

I have heard it said that we are basically good but within the same thought we are born to survive and then with these thoughts I look to Nature; Volcanoes, Tornadoes, Floods, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tidlewaves, Landslides, and I look to bugs; Spiders, Ants, Flies, Bees and many have such set systems of survival, and the to the animals in the wild; Bears, Tigers, Leopards, Lions and within all these Wonders of the World, I see the cruelty in their Survival and in their Natural Instincts and then I look at all of us and I have to ask what makes us think we are so different?

Throughout the ages, we have come up with many reasons for our existence, we cannot just ‘BE’ and let Nature takes it’s natural course, no! we have to be something more, something better than all of that, so we reached for the Stars and for Everlasting life, and we took full control by controlling everyone and everything else, but unless we can control who ‘WE’ are, then we have no true control at all.

In another entry I will write more about who we are and what drives us-more into these thoughts and ideas…

By calia386