Everything is Subjective


There comes a time when you wake up one morning and you realize ‘You Don’t Know Crap” about anything. I recall a while ago I had a dream where I was on a huge green field and it seemed like I was on some ‘Center Plateau’ and I could hear the screaming voices of Hell and the happy voices of Heaven and I yelled out loud asking what it all means and then someone came to me out of some mist and said ‘Everything is Subjective’. Well, what exactly does this mean?


According to the English Dictionary, Subjective means:

*existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the object of thought

 *pertaining to or characteristic of an individual; personal; individual: a subjective evaluation.

 *placing excessive emphasis on one’s own moods, attitudes, opinions, etc.; unduly egocentric.

 *Philosophy . relating to or of the nature of an object as it is known in the mind as distinct from a thing in itself.

 *relating to properties or specific conditions of the mind as distinguished from general or universal experience.


So basically, I would have to think this means that everything is based upon one’s view of how they see the World through their own eyes based upon their own experiences. The more we experience then the bigger the view and the least we experience the less we tend to see. Our Experiences grow through what we are taught from Family, Friends, School and even Strangers that walk into our lives. The younger and/or more Naive we are, the easier it is for others to implant False Positives-their views of the World imprinted upon us as anothers Truth we may live by but not our own truth. In fact, many of us do live with these False-Positives through the experience of having possibly a Drunk Father, Abusive Mother, Strict Religious Upbringing, and being told that certain things are bad only because the person telling them have had these bad experiences themselves. It is truly a difficult thing to come out in life having your own opinion because we learn so much through our Negative Experiences, Pain and Loss that it molds our Thoughts & Decisions in life. The things our Parents and School teach us are in ways they want us to learn and even in History books, our true Ancestry could have been looked at in different perspectives. Take for example a car accident. You may have been right there witnessing this accident along with a dozen other people and they may have all been standing at different angles of the Crime Scene and they in turn come out with a dozen different perspectives, so how can that be? Some will see the accident as it is and report on what they see, others will be reminded of other experiences in their lives and based upon that give another view, and another may have seen something another didn’t like a person crawling away from the crime scene or throwing a murder weapon. All different perspectives of the same exact Crime Scene yet only a few may have given a similar report of the Incident.

I find it rather amazing the things people think they know and then you ask them where they got this info and most likely it won’t be from first-hand experience, it will be from what they heard in News Reports, Television, History Books and Gossip from others. How do we know when we Vote every 4 years for Candidates to run this Country that we are voting for those in our best interests? How many people have ever met the running Candidates or know much of their History other than what we learn and hear from others, especially those wanting them to win the Election. We often hear the good and the bad of a Candidate but how many know these are truths or False-Positives?

Basically, I am just saying it’s all about Our View of this World and how we see things in it and how it shapes us as an individual because in the end it all comes down to you and how happy you want to make your life, and no matter what, it’s all about your attitude in the things you experience. Always remember that any time we have an opinion or thought on something, think about where it may be coming from. When you get upset at your spouse for not doing something, is it because your mother may have yelled at your dad over the same thing? If you are not happy in your job or life, is it because a family member said you would never be any good at anything? We must examine our own thoughts and feelings and understand our moods in a much better light.

Another thought I had about being Subjective is take an Iceberg for instance. You look on in the distance and all you see is a small piece of ice poking out of the water but in reality, the rest of the iceberg is right underneath you and you don’t even realize it until the bottom of your boat smacks into it and causes you to crash. We may never have experienced this before and later in the years when again you find yourself in a boat with an Iceberg up ahead, your experience will kick in, but as in all experiences, sometimes others may know certain things like you warning others of this Iceberg and even though you know you may be right, others may not agree until they learn from this experience as well. So this Subjectivity can be a tricky thing as well because you or others may know something another has yet to learn, but in the end though, it all boils down to what makes the most sense to you, what makes you the most happy based upon all you have learned and experienced up to this point in your life.

Always remember to take all things into account. Another example I had from today is that there was this woman I saw who got angry real easily over not filling out some paperwork and it was easy to see that she seemed like an “Ass’ but later I heard her complaining about losing her job and from this Perspective, I was able to not feel so opinionated over her, because like that Iceberg, we may only see a small piece of the problem and not the deeper problem. There is always a possibility we do see the truth in things, but most often there’s a deeper more unknown cause for ones actions.

One last note is that there are always Variables and Algorithms to ones thoughts. Subjectively, we may feel the need to believe these False-Positives in order to sustain certain relationships, to keep things from being less stressful in our lives. Take for example a child who gets love and respect from his Parent when he brings home all A’s on his report card, he may feel the need to do this in order to retain this love and admiration so he continues to please his parent in this way. An abused Wife may do everything her Husband asks even if it’s wrong just to keep him happy and keep the Environment liveable for her because possibly she grew up believing it was wrong to divorce your husband. So, see, there is definitely more to be Subjective about in our everyday lives so we must analyze our situations and understand our true belief systems in order to become who we truly wish to be.

As I learn more, I will write more about this…

By calia386

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