Serene Tranquility


The way to live life is by experiencing life, observing nature, cooperating with it, deriving pleasure from the gift of pure being. We take for granted that which we can hold in our fingers, see with our eyes, hear with our ears, taste with our lips and smell with our noses. If we cannot take the time to learn and feel all we can here in our present being, how can we experience eternity?

We must learn the basis to our existence; destroy nothing, humble nothing, leave unsoiled and untouched all that is beautiful, hold that which lives in all reverence, for life is given by the sovereign of our eternal universe. It is given to be savored, appreciated and respected. If we cannot understand and learn to be who we really are, we will lose touch with our very being.

(Some words taken from the movie ‘The Martian Chronicles” and extended by me)

By calia386

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