True Spiritual Being…Lessons in Flight


In order for us to be truly spiritual beings once we leave this plane of existence, we must first learn to live physically. It is important that we as limitless beings learn our limitations, for spiritually there are no boundaries, restrictions or limits to the things that we can do. Through our physical lives we learn to have patience, control, understanding, honesty, communication, knowledge and trust. Through these things as well as the many other things we are learning in this physical life,  we are expanding and we are evolving. Through living a physical life, we learn there are rewards as well as sacrifices for the choices that we choose to make.

The greatest test of all is in how well we can handle our limitations and how well we can learn to recognize them and understand them, for without the wisdom to do even these few simple things, we cannot appreciate love, we cannot give love nor can we take love from others.

Take for example, “Trelane” from the original “Star Trek”. He was spiritually a child who had the power to do anything he wanted even within his adult physical body. He had the authority and the ability to do as he wished, but he lacked control. He had no understanding, no true knowledge, and no compassion. He cared nothing for the pain afflicted upon others and saw his abilities as nothing more than a game to use upon others to force them to do as he wished.

Another example would be of “Q” from “Star Trek the Next Generation”. He was an Omnipotent being, supreme and all-powerful, but he lacked the ability to understand even the simplest being-man. There was a time when his abilities were stripped from him and he had become mortal. He couldn’t conceivably comprehend the sense in being mortal. He had no awareness or knowledge of what it was like without his abilities, but he learned to appreciate and to show some compassion even in the sheer moment that he was in a physical body.

“We are limitless spiritual beings existing within these limited physical bodies.”
Wayne S. Pierce

Spiritually, we are bound to miss the comprehension, consideration and perception of our being without first experiencing the many ways in which a physical life can challenge us and make us stronger. We are taught many emotions in a physical lifetime, and these many emotions help shape our being and our true self.
There are so many people who would rather be done with their physical life. They speak of finding heaven or some other unearthly plane, but being right here in this physical body is our greatest gift and our greatest challenge, and if we cannot endure life with its many joys, trials and tribulations, then we have lost life’s true meaning. We have missed life’s lessons that will move us into our eternal being. We would have missed its comprehension, its empathy, its ability to make us stronger. In being in our physical body, we learn to love, we learn to care, we learn to see ourselves for who we really are in the way we react to those things around us and in how we view others.

Many of us in our lives make excuses, we often fail to find happiness or we choose a path that will cause us great harm. Many fail to see the importance of living a temporary physical life and because of this, many are doomed to repeat it lifetime after lifetime. There may be others who have no true direction, they have failed to understand the passage in which they must take and in doing so become lost, many left angry and confused.

Every one of us has the opportunity to open our hearts and our minds to so many possibilities. We are capable of doing so much yet so many do so little in such a short span of time as our physical bodies give us. The time we have right now is fleeting. We have so little time to love and to be loved. We must come to learn so many feelings. We must face every moment and every challenge with open arms and with much wisdom. We must learn to experience the experience, to learn what it feels to practice our emotions, to feel pain and to feel joy, so when we do reach our true spiritual self, we will see who we truly are…each of us…one another…together.







By calia386

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