What Drives Us?


I look up into the universe, out toward the stars and the vastness of space and bring it back in to look upon this little blue green ball floating within it’s orbit, never ceasing to keep in tune with it’s  course, and deeper still I plunge into the atmosphere, within the clouds and bright blue sky, and ahead I see the lands and oceans and deeper still, I see the buildings, the cars, and the people…oh the people in their hectic everyday lives. Some running to meet the nearest train connection to make it to their boring everyday job, rushing to meet deadlines, dinner dates, and all the other things we find meaning in. I float back up into the clouds and all I can see is the building condensation in the air-almost ready to rain upon their day, and what a day it is, yet I ask myself what is this importance?

What drives this machine we call a human being? Why do many have such an importance to survive at any cost and why do others give their lives so easily to save the lives of others? Questions I strive to one day find an answer to-if only to appease my restless thoughts and feelings. Ah! What is must be like to be Naive and only think of oneself and to think I was once like that myself, but NO! it’s no way to survive. I seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding and the only way to achieve this is to acknowledge and try the best I can to make some sense of it all.

First and foremost, I do believe much of what is going on here on this little Planet is because of our finite life span. Within our bodies that grow and age and eventually die there is this need to take some semblance of control, some action that proves we are truly alive and we make a difference in this little body we are given. We lack the proper guidance and control in which to truly grow and expand our consciousness. We lack even the basic skills to control our inner urges and feelings, and even though we possess counselors and therapists, they are deficient in the ability to truly understand the human experience.

We are born into this life with a certain amount of mental capacity based upon our ancestral genetic line, and this grows with our new experiences and lack of experiences, you see, each of us is truly fragile and we each need different stimuli in which to grow and without this specific stimuli, we may grow in the strangest of ways. Take for example a tree. Without proper sunlight, food and water it may prematurely grow and may even die. I have seen plants grow crooked and twisted just to reach the sunlight it starves for. If we don’t receive the right kind of guidance and love then we may grow in unintentional ways. Within all of this though, is the need to find a place, to have some permanence in this life and to feel alive, so we naturally must take some control over this existence. For many, we do this by creating relationships, friendships, growth of family and work, but for others, this is not enough and they must gain more control and more power over their environment.

I think one of the reasons that things are getting so out of control in our society and why crime is running so rampant is because we are losing this grip and control over our environment. It’s becoming harder to manage relationships, friendships and even harder to grow a family and within the Chaos that is going on within our World and Government, without some semblance of control, we are like weeds just sprouting up everywhere.

I have heard it said that we are basically good but within the same thought we are born to survive and then with these thoughts I look to Nature; Volcanoes, Tornadoes, Floods, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tidlewaves, Landslides, and I look to bugs; Spiders, Ants, Flies, Bees and many have such set systems of survival, and the to the animals in the wild; Bears, Tigers, Leopards, Lions and within all these Wonders of the World, I see the cruelty in their Survival and in their Natural Instincts and then I look at all of us and I have to ask what makes us think we are so different?

Throughout the ages, we have come up with many reasons for our existence, we cannot just ‘BE’ and let Nature takes it’s natural course, no! we have to be something more, something better than all of that, so we reached for the Stars and for Everlasting life, and we took full control by controlling everyone and everything else, but unless we can control who ‘WE’ are, then we have no true control at all.

In another entry I will write more about who we are and what drives us-more into these thoughts and ideas…

By calia386

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